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Why is the price difference between manufacturers so big of pipe bending machine?

Pipe bending machines can be roughly divided into single-head hydraulic pipe bending machines, automatic pipe bending machines and large pipe bending machines. Different benders are used differently, and the price of benders is also high or low.

In today's market, small and medium-sized pipe bending machine manufacturers are springing up more and more. In order to survive, many manufacturers have started price wars, choose inferior electronic components, reduce the quality of after-sales service, etc. poor.

The quality of the pipe bender is directly related to the benefit of the pipe bender in the working process. The pipe bender bought has a problem in the production process, which not only affects the production schedule, but also reduces the production efficiency. The after-sales service can't keep up, so the delay is only a day or two of the problem, and who will bear the loss?

Our factory guarantees the selection of high-quality raw materials, pays close attention to machine quality, does good after-sales service, stabilizes old customers, develops new customers, and strives to become bigger and stronger!

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