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What is 38NC Hydraulic Pipe and Tube Bending Machine?

Machine introduction: Adopt dedicated control system, machine movement is stable. It has manual, automatic, and intuitive display functions for setting and changing programs, which is suitable for high-speed mass production.

Machine features:

The machine is beautiful and exquisite in appearance, providing the largest bending space

Using single-chip microcomputer to control the angle-mode man-machine dialogue operation, convenient and flexible

The bending angle adopts encoder to track and feedback information, and the bending angle has high accuracy

Store multiple groups of processing modes, flexible switching between programs of different specifications

With automatic memory number and power failure memory function

Accessories hydraulic cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine

Suitable industry:

Auto parts (brake hose, bumper, muffler, seat).

Motorcycle Manufacturing, Bicycle Industry, Fitness Equipment,

Air conditioning and refrigeration, steel furniture, bathroom equipment and other industries

The main technical parameters:

Maximum bending capacity (mm) Φ38.1×2

Bending radius range (mm) 25-180

Maximum bending angle (°) 200

Effective core length (mm) 1800

Main motor power (Kw) 4

Rated working pressure Mpa 12

Machine dimensions (mm) 2900×800×1000

Machine weight (kg) 1000

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