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What are the models of hydraulic pipe bending machine?

The hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts NC control system and PLC control system, etc., according to the different use environments of the industry, the model size is selected. Generally, in the furniture manufacturing industry, most of the hydraulic pipe bending machines used are DW38NC single head hydraulic pipe bending machine and DW50NC. These two models are mostly used, and the double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine model SW38NC, the U-bend one-shot molding can not only improve the efficiency of the elbow, but also guarantee the flatness of the pipe fitting.

However, in the heavy industry such as the boiler industry or the shipbuilding industry, the demand for the pipe bending machine is different, because the wall thickness of the pipe fitting is thick and the pipe diameter is generally large, so the power requirement for the hydraulic pipe bending machine The larger the model, the more common DW114NC single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine or DW130NC hydraulic pipe bending machine. The large-scale hydraulic pipe bending machine has high production efficiency, and the use of cold-bending molding does not require heating of the pipe fittings, and the bending pipe is more advantageous for production requirements.

The types of hydraulic pipe bending machines used in auto parts are generally DW50NC single head hydraulic pipe bending machine and DW-89NC hydraulic pipe bending machine. Considering the diameter of the pipe is generally from 50mm to 70mm. . At present, due to the relatively high requirements for pipe fittings on the pipe parts of automobile parts, we generally recommend the use of the same type of CNC pipe bending machine or automatic pipe bending machine to carry out automatic bending of multiple elbows, which can ensure the accuracy of pipe production. Improve the efficiency of elbow production.

The type and model of hydraulic pipe bending machine are complete. We are mainly engaged in the matching production of pipe bending processing. The model of hydraulic pipe bending machine is complete, and the reasonable bending machine can be freely matched according to the actual use requirements. At the same time, due to the research and development of the product collection. And the technical service sales are integrated, so the quality of the pipe bender can be made more cost-effective under the premise of ensuring the quality. The price of pipe benders is relatively medium in the industry, but our pipe bender configuration is a high standard in the industry. It can develop the equipment for bending and deburring and chamfering shrinkage tube production line for users, adopting fully automatic automatic circulation control to control the whole process of unattended operation and automate the production line equipment.

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