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Push-bend is a common bend in pipe bending machine. According to the characteristics of the push bending process, it can be divided into cold push elbow and mandrel hot push elbow. Bending production and processing in general punching machine, four column hydraulic press or special push machine, suitable for curling bending pipe. Cold push elbow is a processing technology that relies on the bending machine to push and bend the finishing rolled pipe in the general four-column hydraulic press or crank press. That is, by using the plastic deformation of metal materials, the billet is pressed into the mold containing the bending die at room temperature, and then the pipe bend is produced.

Bending is used as a pipe bending machine processing technology. This is to bend the finishing rolled pipe with grinding tools on the pipe bending machine of hydraulic press. Bending has the advantages of simple adjustment of abrasive tools and high productivity, so it has been widely used in manufacturing. It is generally used for curling pipe with straight section or bending pipe. Mandrel hot push pipe bending machine elbow is in the special push machine, according to the buffalo Angle mandrel in the radial investment heating push, so that the finishing rolled pipe leads to axial expansion and radial bending deformation, and then push the small diameter finishing rolled pipe into the larger diameter elbow.Most pipe bending machines can be divided into CNC bending and hydraulic bending. Suitable for electric power construction, public high-speed railway construction, heating furnace, highway Bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other pipeline pavement construction, with many functions, reasonable configuration, easy to use and other advantages. In addition to the elbow, the device can also use a hydraulic cylinder as a jack. Compared with CNC machine elbow equipment, it has the characteristics of low price and easy to use, and occupies the main product part in the Chinese elbow machine sales market.

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