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As my country continues to increase its policy support for the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, the market size of CNC hydraulic pipe benders may reach trillions in the future. In the next few years, the average annual growth rate of the smart equipment manufacturing industry is expected to exceed 20%. We expect that the scale of the smart equipment manufacturing industry will reach one trillion by 2015, and will exceed 3 trillion yuan by 2020, and the market share of domestic equipment will exceed 60%. .

The development of the pipe processing industry and the automation industry is getting closer and closer. In today's era of automation and numerical control, if it can't keep up with the pace, it means that it will be eliminated, so the development of hydraulic CNC hydraulic bending machine has reached During the period of stability and heyday, we have set our sights on the future market of pipe processing industry automation. The core software of the future CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine will be the era of CNC. We will gradually retreat with the progress and development of technology NC-type control system.

   Of course, the NC microcomputer control panel that has been developed so far is frequently used on CNC hydraulic pipe bending machines, and it is stable. Therefore, we have also replaced and upgraded pipe equipment such as pipe cutting machines, metal circular saw machines and pipe shrinking end forming machines. Although this time did not break through the era of the CNC revolution, the improvement of the control method of the keyless display is also a kind of progress.


   Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry mainly includes intelligent measurement and control instruments, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, new sensors, 3D printing technology, automated complete production lines, etc. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires to focus on the promotion of four major categories of products such as intelligent instrumentation equipment and intelligent equipment, of which intelligent special equipment mainly includes large-scale intelligent engineering machinery, efficient agricultural machinery, intelligent printing machinery, automated textile machinery, environmental protection machinery, coal machinery, metallurgical machinery and other types Special equipment to realize the automation and intelligence of various manufacturing processes.

   With the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the promotion of automation and intelligent manufacturing equipment is steadily progressing. In 2010, the sales revenue of some intelligent manufacturing equipment industries such as industrial automation control systems and instrumentation, CNC hydraulic pipe bending machines, CNC hydraulic pipe bending machines, metal circular saws, tube shrinking machines and CNC machine tools and their systems exceeded 300 billion yuan. However, there are still some problems in China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry: weak technological innovation capabilities, core technologies such as new sensing and advanced control are still unable to assets; the automation industry is small in scale and weak in foundation, high-end and special sensors, intelligent instruments, automatic control systems, The market share of high-end CNC systems and robots is less than 5%.

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