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Suggestions on the development of pipe bending machine molds in domestic industry

At present, the industrial structure of the pipe bending machine mold needs to be adjusted. In terms of enterprise management, product structure, technological innovation and other aspects, enterprises should take active measures to adjust and encourage specialized production, type, precision, complexity, and long bending. The development of machine molds will make the mold production independent; support and encourage the construction of a high-level mold production and accumulation base, and gradually form a regional mold industry chain through market operation, and actively form a group of large market capabilities and More technical companies have become the industry leader.

The manufacturing level of the mold industry determines the quality of industrial products. Because of the importance of molds, it has always been valued in industrial development. If industries are to develop faster, they need to mobilize various positive factors, and manufacturing technology has become a bending machine. One of the important signs of the development of mold enterprises. At present, the development of the mold industry requires government support, revitalization of the mold industry, the introduction of key equipment and mold market technology, to encourage enterprises in the introduction of high-tech and products.

According to the development of the domestic market, the “scale effect” of mold design should be listed as the focus of industry development, and play an important role in promoting the development of the mold industry. In response to the development priorities of the industry, the government should include a small number of key mold projects, become a national special project, and implement policy inclinations. Enterprises should invest in the development, research and innovation projects of mold technology to promote the technology development and technological breakthroughs in the mold industry to rapidly improve the technical level of the industry.

With the continuous development of domestic industry, quality inspection has become an indispensable part of the bending machine mold manufacturing, and has greatly improved the quality level of the mold industry. In promoting mold standards and mass production, we should do a good job in the convergence of mold standards, promote the coverage of mold standards, and continuously improve the standardization of the industry. At present, the mold industry needs to develop technological innovation to adapt to the current complex situation.

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