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1 The pipe bending machine can move laterally along the guide rail, which is necessary for the bending machine to align the tube groove of the bending die with the center line of the machine after replacing the bending die. This is better than adjusting the guide on the bed bodyRails and tailstock to adjust the machine center line is simple.

2, complete the linear feed movement (DBB) In the process of bending the pipe, the car is pulled forward by the pipe. In this way, the "positive thrust" is removed, thus eliminating the difference between the car and the bending speedStep problem eliminates the problem of increasing the bending speed "positive thrust" DC motor negative feedback system simplifies the circuit. Because positive thrust is good for bending pipes, especially when bending large diameter pipes,Positive thrust is necessary. So VB pipe bender added a booster.

3. When bending, the car is pulled forward by the pipe as a load in order to improve bending, avoid excessive thinning of the wall thickness of the bending part of the pipe, reduce rebound, and increase the pressurization device. When bending,The mold not only compresses the pipe, but is also pushed forward by the thrust force, forming a side thrust to help bend.

4, elbow arm and bending mandrel are connected as one, bending die shaft can be replaced, clamping die up and down, not only reasonable structure, increase the strength of the mechanical part, but also simple and simple structureThe electrical wiring.

5, into the last corner, the car may collide with the mold, at this time, the "interference zone" function can be used, that is, the mold return → the car continues to feed → the elbow return → the space corner(POB) → Clamp the clamping die → Release the chuck and withdraw the trolley from the interference area → press the die → bend the pipe. In this way, the elbow both avoids the collision between the car and the mold, ensuring the last oneThe successful completion of the bending reduces the clamping loss of the material head and reduces the production cost.

6, the bed adopts welding structure, simple and compact structure.

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