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On the seven aspects of the performance of the single head hydraulic cnc pipe bending machine

The high-performance medium-sized pipe bender used in single head hydraulic cnc pipe bending machine is used in shipbuilding, boiler, truck transportation, and general engineering piping, etc.
High performance small pipe benders are suitable for mass production or standardization of products, such as steam, locomotive and other parts, such as exhaust pipes, cushions, bumper all the iron pipe furniture, etc.
Performance of uni-axial hydraulic pipe bender:
1, the nose and elbow are exquisitely designed to provide maximum elbow space.
2, PLC control, dialogue input.
3, the large capacity cooling circulation system makes the machine running more stable.
4, with manual, automatic, half cycle, full cycle and other functions of arbitrary choice.
5, slow positioning function, repeat ability accuracy of 0.1.
6, mold replacement is simple and convenient, easy to flexible production.
7, mobile foot switch, with automatic start, emergency stop, emergency continue to three functions, high safety.

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