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Maintenance of automatic pipe bending machine

The pipe bending machine is a machine that uses mechanized processing, and it is also guaranteed in terms of processing quality. Usually, the automatic pipe cutting machine should be properly protected and maintained, which not only extends the operation time of the automatic pipe cutting machine, but also reduces the time. Conflicts between the various components of the equipment to improve the efficiency of the work, but if the post-protection and maintenance work is not done, it will cause different forms of wear of other components, which will also reduce the work efficiency and affect the processing quality. Then let us introduce the protection requirements of the bender here, let's get to know the friends who want to know!

(1) Neat: dexterous things, workpieces, accessories; complete safety protection device; intact wire tube.

(2) Cleaning: automatic table cutting machine cleaning; sliding surface and screw, gear, rack, no oil, no bump, no leakage, no leakage, no leakage, no leakage, chip The waste was cleaned up.

(3) Lubrication: Once the fuel changes, the oil meets the requirements; the oil tank, the oil gun, the oil cup, the linoleum, the oil line are cleaned, the oil specification is bright, and there is no oil flow.

(4) Safety: personal machine and connected system; understand the structure of the equipment and abide by the operating procedures, use the equipment reasonably, carefully protect the equipment and avoid accidents.

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