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How to install the bending machine mold and precautions

The installation of pipe bending machine mold is an extremely important task. Mold installers need to have the expertise to operate tube bender and properly adjust the bend mold, which is important for the quality of the bend. Mold installers must develop the concept of personal safety awareness, and the installation of the mold must be carried out in a safe manner. All mold installers should recognize the importance of safety and the ability to provide a safe operating environment to others when performing their own work. The mold must be suitable for the size of the machine. If the pipe is bent more than the original value, the excessive load of the machine will cause the mechanical properties to fail, and it may damage the personnel in the operation.

1. Do not install, adjust or move the mold without reading or understanding the mold installation instructions on the manual.

2. Do not wear ties, jewelry or loose clothing when working at or near the machine.

3. Do not place any part of your hand, fingers or body in the mold operating area with the oil pump motor activated.

4. If the mold is too heavy to lift by hand, use a suitable mechanical lifting method. A lifting eye should be installed on the mold, and the lifting ring should be used to keep the mold parts stable during the hanging process.

5, the mold should be wiped clean before installation, and remove dust, metal cutting or other foreign dirt. Failure to do so may result in mismatched matching, which may result in personal injury or damage to the machine or mold.

6. The elbow lubricant will make the surrounding area slippery, and the mold area will be carefully treated in the dirty mold area. When the tube is bent, the end of the tube coated with the absorbent coating will be inserted into the safe and practical range of the mold to prevent bending. The pipe lubricant drops on the machine.

7. Do not place any part of your hand, fingers or body in the mold operating area with the oil pump motor activated.

8. When the bender is inoperable or unattended, even for a short period of time, check all switch settings before restarting the machine.

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