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How to deal with the overheating of the automatic tube bender bearing, let me analyze it for all below.     ① Too much or too little grease in the tube bending bearing;     ② Bending machine bearing oil is of poor quality and contains impurities;     ③ Improper fit between the bearing and the magazine or end cap (too loose or too tight);     The inner bore of the eccentric bearing and the axle rubs;     ⑤ The end cap or bearing cap of the tube bending motor is not installed flat;     ⑥ The coupling between the motor and the load is not calibrated, or the belt is too tight;     ⑦ The bearing clearance is too large or too small;     ⑧ The motor shaft is bent.     2. Troubleshooting     ① add grease as needed (1 / 3-2 / 3 of the volume);     ② Replace the clean lubricating grease;     ③ If it is too loose, it can be fixed with adhesive. And if it is too tight, it can be used to grind the inner hole of the shaft magazine or end cap to make it fit     ④ Fix the bearing cap to eliminate friction points;     ⑤ Reassembly.     re-calibration and adjustment of belt tension;     ⑦ replace new bearings;     ⑧ Correct the shaft to bend the tube or replace the rotor.

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