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For the operation of the pipe bending machine, every worker must study carefully. If we want to improve the service life of the equipment, we must learn the operation mode of the equipment in a scientific way. Learning scientific operation and simple maintenance knowledge is very effective for improving the service life of the equipment. Of course, on the contrary, if the operation is abnormal, it will only cause accidents, and even bring greater life threats to the operators.

There is a safety guard design beside the elbow of the pipe bender. The advantage of this design is that if our operators enter the elbow, the elbow will stop and the screen will flash continuously. These are all alarm prompts. Because if the human body touches the range of arm bend, it is easy to get pinched.

If you find that the pipe bender has abnormal operation, it is suggested that the staff should immediately cut off the power supply. Cutting off the power supply can stop all hazards. We can restart the machine, but we must ensure that all operations are within a reasonable range. First of all, we need to press the emergency cut-off button, which is on the operation panel and can be seen in a very prominent position.

Just press the power supply, and the machine can stop running. In addition, operators should avoid overload operation, because excessive load causes great pressure on the equipment. If pipe bending occurs, excessive torque will easily cause overload. The natural life of the equipment under long-term overload will not be too long. Generally speaking, the acceptable tensile coefficient of iron pipe is within 40kg, and should not exceed this range.

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