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1. Turn on first, turn on the power first        The first is to turn on the machine and turn on the power switch controlled by the main power supply.2. Press the power button        After turning on the main power, press the POWERON button again, and then enter the main control screen. After entering the main control screen, press the "Chinese" button again. This is the main control screen will display some instructions for the device.3. Touch "Help Start"        Then press "Help" again, then the hydraulic system of the pipe bender is activated and it starts to work.4. Tap "Back to List" and press POWEROFF        After the automatic pipe bender is finished, press the "return to origin" button to return all the systems to their original positions. Press POWEROFF to shut down.        The above is the operation process of the automatic pipe bender at work. It is actually very simple. If you follow this procedure, you can use it quickly.

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