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CNC tube bending machine soft start adjustment method

Firstly, the soft starter is inspected by the CNC tube bender in detail, mainly to see if there is any wiring error in the main circuit and the control loop; secondly, the connection mode of the motor on the soft starter panel is “external” position; then the setting standard The parameter, the starting ramp time is set to 10 seconds, and the starting current is limited to 3 times. After the main circuit is energized, the control system sends a soft start signal to start the main motor.

Through repeated experiments, the optimal starting parameters of the vertical bender soft starter are obtained. The starting ramp time is 6 seconds and the starting current is limited to 2.8 times. Because it is a repeated test, it will cause a large increase in the number of starts, so you must pay attention to the following two problems:

(1) The cooling fan of the soft starter electric control cabinet should be running all the time to facilitate the smooth cooling of the power thyristor in the soft starter and reduce the junction temperature.

(2) There should be a 10-15 minute interval between each start to allow the power thyristor in the soft starter to cool down, thereby preventing the soft starter from alarming due to overheating.

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