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The working principle of the induction heating pipe bending machine is to use an intermediate frequency power supply to heat the steel pipe and at the same time advance the steel pipe at a uniform speed, so that the steel pipe of the heating part walks along a preset track to form a bend with a certain radius of curvature and angle.

First install the steel pipe in place, adjust the bending radius through the lead screw nut transmission device on the rocker arm slewing device, and use the intermediate frequency induction heating coil to heat the steel pipe to a certain temperature before bending. When bending, the hydraulic pressure is used as the power, and the car will The steel pipe is pushed forward, and the platform has four waist wheels to clamp the steel pipe. It deforms and bends at the heating place along the adjusted bending radius. After the steel pipe is deformed, water is sprayed to cool it, so as to obtain the required elbow fittings.

In order to prevent the ellipse of the steel pipe after heating, the induction heating pipe bender pre-deforms the steel pipe before heating.

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