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The processing technology of the elbow is very helpful to daily life, but there are also many problems in the use of the product. For example, there are tiny cracks on the elbow. If it is higher than the corresponding deformation temperature during the manufacturing process, the product will be deformed. Therefore, during the bending process, some cracks will appear on the outside. This is mainly related to the material of the steel pipe used for bending. In this case, under similar forming conditions with low product deformation speed and high tension, the bending Processing equipment may cause damage. Each pipe bend is completed by bending multiple times during the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process, the pipe can be better placed on the pipe bender, so the equipment can apply the bending moment of the steel pipe to the appropriate The steel pipe layout is deformed by the ground. The elbow can be moved upward by the support of the main cylinder of the front lower mold. This will process the center elbow along the curve of the upper mold until the manufacturing is completed. In the process of processing the product, the corresponding steel pipe will be deformed. Mainly occurs in the upper mold, the upper mold acts as a placenta, and the curve of the elbow can be deformed according to other specifications and other materials.

When bending products corresponding to other pipes, the inner pipe cannot be placed on the side of the front fixture. The processing requirements must be known in advance when bending the pipe. In order to better ensure the performance of the bend, we will understand how the arc of the bend works . Next, we will discuss the arc requirements of the elbow, which can save the cost of piping equipment and molds, and conclude that the elbow space is a flat or expandable curved surface. Therefore, in the basic process of the large-diameter elbow forming process, First, the welded cross-section is a polygonal shell or a polygonal shell with closed ends, and the inside is filled with pressure medium. Due to the above reasons, the user can shorten the manufacturing cycle, greatly reduce the production cost, and does not require equipment, which is suitable for processing large-scale bends on site.
At present, the connection between the hydraulic pumps of the pipe bender no longer needs to be connected by flanges. This small improved design can not only control the waste of costs, but also find that the drive between the motor and the pump is more stable, and there is no flange connection. The noise is also greatly improved. The shaft of the axial flow pump is directly connected to the main shaft of the motor, which improves the efficiency and torsion ability of the pipe bending, thereby further improving the entire hydraulic pipeline processing machinery.

Many people who have used the pipe bender have a certain understanding of the pipe bender and hydraulic performance. In some operations of the pipe bender, a compression valve needs to be added to control the clamping device on the pipe bender. The reason for the solenoid valve is In order to reduce the user's use cost. Therefore, the external specifications that are usually purchased now can meet its product processing range. In the design of commonly used hydraulic pipe bender equipment, a more reasonable design is adopted to improve the overall performance of the pipe bender equipment, reduce costs, and take into account the application. Sex.

When the motor drives the hydraulic drive pump, the pipe bender uses the motor and the pump to connect the flange and the driver between the oil pump and the motor at the connection point of the motor and the pump. After research and improvement, we understand the cracks in the pipe bending process. The reason is to induce the protection of defects and micro-cracks in the bending process. The deformation temperature in the heated bent steel pipe exceeds a certain level, and micro-cracks will occur outside the bent pipe. In both cases, they are related to the material of the pipe bending. In order to make better use of the pipe bending machine and hydraulic pipe bending machine, the purpose of adding a compression valve to the pipe bending machine is to reduce the overload and bending of the pipe bending machine. The influence of the sliding of the stainless steel pipe on the processing quality of the bend. According to the forming conditions, the microstructure is recombined by heat treatment after bending.

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