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The automatic pipe bending machine can automatically complete the pipe molding work under the condition of complete specific work procedures, which brings more convenience to the bending work, saves the human resources in the working process, and reduces the risk in the operation process. Automatic management and control can also smoothly complete the bending work. The pipe bender will have heating phenomenon in the long-term work, so we have made the treatment to the overheating phenomenon, mainly through the way of cooling, so is cooling really so important to the pipe bender? Today's wonsten staff will give a detailed introduction.

Timely cooling can make the bending part of tube blank cool rapidly under the action of cooling medium, which can effectively prevent the inner wall of tube blank from wrinkle during bending. The cooling system is mainly divided into two forms: one is water cooling system, which is used for bending carbon steel pipe and low alloy steel pipe; the other is air cooling system, which is used for bending stainless steel pipe. All the water used in the water cooling system is softened water. The softened water system is the equipment to control the quality of cooling water. The use of softened water is beneficial to prolong the service life of the equipment.

The cooling system of automatic pipe bender plays a very important role. In the field of automation, rotary encoder is used to detect displacement, angle, velocity and acceleration sensor. Depending on the control of screw, gear, measuring wheel or cable, the angle input to the shaft is converted into corresponding electric pulse or digital value by using the principle of rotation conversion. It has the advantages of small volume, high precision, reliable operation and digital interface. The encoder can convert the actual mechanical parameter values into electrical signals, which can be processed by counter, tachometer, PLC and IPC.

Encoder is widely used in CNC machine tools, turntable, clothing transmission, robot, radar, military target measurement and other devices that need to detect the angle. Rotary encoder is the most widely used sensor, which is composed of grating disk and photoelectric detection device. A grating disk is a circular plate with a certain diameter, which opens a number of rectangular holes equally. Because the rotary encoder is coaxial with the motor, when the motor rotates, the grating disk and the motor rotate at the same speed, and several pulse signals are detected and output by the detection device composed of LED and other electronic components.

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